Policy regarding on-site manager’s discretion to make executive decisions about people attending Autreat


In situations occurring during Autreat or less than one week prior to Autreat, the on-site manager shall have sole authority to make executive decisions, and shall be responsible to report and explain xyr decisions to the full Committee as soon as possible.

For situations that occur outside the time period of Autreat and the preceding week, and that are outside the scope of established routine administrative decisions, the on-site manager shall exercise xyr own judgment and discretion in gathering and processing information, including consulting with other Committee members, the full Committee, and/or outside experts, as the on-site manager sees fit. When the on-site manager arrives at a decision, xe shall announce and explain that decision to the full Committee. The on-site manager's decision shall stand unless, within a specified time period (not more than 72 hours) of being posted to the Committee, it is overruled by the Committee.

The on-site manager shall wait at least the specified time period after posting a decision to the Committee, before conveying that decision to outside parties, in case the Committee decides to overrule the decision. If a decision is not overruled within the specified time period of being posted to the Committee, then the decision shall stand.

In order to overrule an executive decision by the on-site manager, within the specified time period, a poll to overrule the decision must be created by a Committee member, and at least 2/3 of currently active Committee members must vote to overrule the decision. Any Committee member may set up a poll to overrule a decision.