Guidelines for the on-site manager to use in making decisions about disruptive behavior at Autreat

Mild to moderate verbal violence or other behavior that disrupts peaceful enjoyment of Autreat and causes significant and reasonable upset to others, but falls short of actually terrorizing anyone

  1. conference with the offender alone and/or attempt to mediate with offender and victim
  2. if repeated, additional conferences/warnings; coaching of victim (and possibly bystanders) in ways to respond to repeat offenses
  3. if victim wishes, offender may be banned from activities where the victim is present.
Serious verbal violence not including credible threat of imminent physical violence, including but not limited to ambiguous threatening language
severely abusive verbal content
combination of moderately abusive content + excessive volume
following the victim of the attack, or preventing the victim from leaving the area, or otherwise persisting in a verbal attack when the victim of the attack is attempting to peacefully leave the situation
verbal attack deliberately targeted at some known vulnerability of the victim
  1. conference (with offender and/or parent/guardian, depending on age of offender) and warning on first offense
  2. if repeated, additional conferences, exclusion from the situation where the offense is occurring (e.g., if someone repeatedly commits serious verbal abuse [such as sexual harassment] at the pool, the person may be banned from the pool area), or expulsion, at the discretion of the on-site manager.
  3. Physical violence or credible threat of imminent physical violence: Perpetrated by an adult--immediate expulsion. Perpetrated by a child--conference with child and parent/on-site guardian for first offense; expulsion for second offense.