Policy for the on-site manager to follow when presented with concerns about a person wishing to attend Autreat

  1. The same standards are to be applied to all people, regardless of whether or not we know them.
  2. The presumption is that a person should be allowed to attend Autreat. The burden of proof is placed on whoever is advocating that the person be barred from attending.
  3. Decisions are to be made based on things that can be documented with evidence, not on one person's word against another’s.
  4. Decisions are to be based primarily on things that have actually happened, and only with extreme caution (and preferably after consultation with relevant experts) based on speculation about whether other, more serious things might happen. In a situation where there is documented proof that behavior has occurred outside of Autreat, which would not be tolerated at Autreat, the on-site manager is to respond according to the policy as if the documented activity had occurred at Autreat. If the person is allowed to attend Autreat, a "first offense" and warning will be considered to have already occurred, so that any occurrence of the same behavior during Autreat will be treated as a "repeat offense."