Autreat 2013 Registration Fees - PARTIAL Registration Only (not all 4 days!)

All fees are in US Dollars

These are the fees per day, NOT INCLUDING OVERNIGHT LODGING(1), for people who are registering for only part of Autreat, not the full four days.

Day-only registration does NOT include parking. People who register for days-only and want to park on campus, will need to purchase university parking permits for $3 per vehicle per day.

A Adults with full-time jobs(2) 103.00
B Adults without full-time jobs 88.00
C Youth 12-17 (3) 88.00
D Children 5-11 (3) 53.00
E/F Children under 5(3) 38.00
G Adults living on disability or public assistance 48.00
H Support people(4) 43.00


Note 1: DAILY RATES ARE FOR DAYTIME ACCESS ONLY. Per-day fees include 24 hours of program access and three meals. Residence hall room accommodations are not included in daily rates. People who wish to stay in campus residence halls overnight and attend only part of Autreat, not the full four days/nights, please add $50 per room per night plus $50 refundable key deposit for each person who will need a room key. Accommodations fees do not include linens. Linen rental is $10 per person.

Note 2: We realize that not all full-time jobs are high paying. If you have a full-time job but can't afford this rate, add a note explaining this, and you may register at the rate for adults without full-time jobs.

Note 3: The rate for children and teens includes a daytime activity program for children under 18. Staff:child ratio is approximately 1:6. If your child needs more support than this, please bring an aide for your child, or contact ANI about hiring extra staff for an additional fee.

Note 4: This rate is for people who are attending Autreat for the purpose of providing support for a disabled person who could not participate without a helper. Examples are personal care attendants for adults and 1:1 aides for children.

Partial Registration Options

If making your own meal arrangements and not eating meals provided by Autreat: Subtract $35 per day for ADULTS and YOUTH ages 12-17; subtract $17.50 per day for CHILDREN ages 5-11. No fee adjustment for children under 5. Please indicate No meals on registration form.