AUTREAT 1998: Celebrating Our Worlds

August 23 - 26, 1998, Canandaigua, NY


* What is Autreat like?
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Some more information included in the registration packets mailed to those who register:

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* Work shifts
* Child care
* Daily schedule
* Menu

* Workshops
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* Map to Canandaigua



For the newcomer

Most autism conferences are about autistic people, but are meant primarily for non-autistic family members and service providers. Autreat is run by and for autistic people. Individuals who are not autistic but who live or work with autism are also welcome to attend, but are expected to respect the customs and sensibilities of our autistic community.

Autreat is held each year at a camp, from Sunday afternoon to midday on Wednesday. Full registration includes all meals plus lodging in cabins at the camp. In order to maintain Autreat as "autistic space," non-autistic professionals and family members who are attending without an accompanying autistic person, and who are new to ANI and unfamiliar with Autreat protocol, are asked to register for days only and commute from local hotels.

Smoking, alcohol, and use of scented personal care products are prohibited at Autreat.

Child care is available for both disabled and non-disabled children ages 5 - 12 for an additional fee. Children with disabilities may receive 1:1 support while participating in the child care activities.

Child care for 3 or 4 year olds may also be available if there is sufficient interest--if interested please Jim Sinclair immediately.

This year we will offer certificates for completion of particular series of presentations. Registration for a certificate track is optional; as in previous years, attendees are free to attend whichever presentations they wish.

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Full registration (includes cabin space for 3 nights and all meals from Sunday dinner to Wednesday lunch):

ANI Member Household Nonmember
First adult in household $165 $185
Second adult (age 13+) in household $145 $165
Each additional adult (age 13+) in household $105 $125
First child (to age 12) in household $145 $165
Each additional child (to age 12) in household $95 $115

Only adults paying full cost ($165 for members or $185 for non-members) may earn $20 work shift rebate.

Days-only registration, includes all meals:

Adult (age 13+) $85 $105
Child (to age 12) $65 $85

Rates WITHOUT meals:

Staying at camp
Adult $95 $115
Child $75 $95

Days only
Adult $50 $70
Child $30 $50

Per-day rate, for those attending less than the full Autreat (includes all meals):

Overnight stay (one 24-hour period)
Adult $60 $70
Child $50 $60

Day only
Adult $35 $45
Child $25 $35

Additional fees for optional services:

Child care for children ages 5-12 (must be reserved by August 1!) $15 per half-day session ($90 for all sessions)
Continuing Education Units through Syracuse University (1.2 CEUs) $15
ANI Parent Education Certificate $5
ANI Child Care Education Certificate (for adult child care workers) $15
ANI Educator's Certificate $30
ANI Clinician's Certificate $50
Intensive Advocacy Certificate FREE
All Youth Certificates FREE

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At this time ANI has little funding of our own for scholarships, but in the past two years people have successfully applied for funding from sources such as local autism societies, family support agencies, state commissions on developmental disabilities, Arc chapters, and public schools. This year we have already received a commitment from one family support agency to provide scholarships for local teens to attend the babysitter training. ANI can provide information about Autreat programs for people to use in their fundraising efforts.

Anyone interested in donating sponsorship funds is welcome to send a contribution to ANI earmarked for Autreat sponsorship. You can even specify if you'd like it to be used for attendees in a particular program, or from a particular geographic region, etc.

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