Guidelines for media people and researchers

This is the policy for media people and for researchers, and basically anyone who plans to publish any material gathered at Autreat:

You send a proposal to the Autreat Planning Committee (send it to the Autreat Coordinator who will post it to the Committee discussion list), describing your project.

Assuming the Committee accepts your proposal, you send a written explanation of your project (it can be the same one you send to the Committee if you wish) for inclusion in the Autreat program book, which will be distributed to all participants.

During orientation on the first evening at Autreat, you introduce yourself and your project in person.

There will be a sign-up sheet available where people can sign their names if they are willing to participate in your project.

You are to interview/videotape/photograph/publish your own observations about *only* people who sign that sheet, and only at times when they are aware that they're "on the record." If there's videotaping involved, we will assign you a space where you can set up your equipment, and the people who want to participate can come there, but people who don't want to be recorded will be able to avoid accidentally getting caught on tape. No videotaping, photographing, or audio recording for publication is permitted outside your designated recording space.

Other than interviewing and recording the people who sign up to participate, you may publish only general observations about Autreat, nothing that would be personally identifiable about any participant. You may use direct quotes that are made during presentations, but not things you may happen to overhear, or even things that people may say to you, during informal "off the record" conversations.